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Circuit Fitness Classes

All Circuit Fitness Classes have been canceled.

Emails have been sent to those who have registered and refunds have been issued. Thank you for your understanding.

Circuit Fitness Classes

- - - CANCELED - - -

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- - - CANCELED - - -

What is this Circuit Fitness Class, you ask?
Circuit fitness involves completing various exercises in a rotational fashion, one exercise after the other. Exercises are typically a combination of cardio and strength conditioning exercises. An instructor guides you through each exercise and assists with form. This class is great for anyone who wants to improve their overall fitness and who wants to form bonds with their community. 

Where is this taking place? 
All classes will meet at the tennis courts at Sammy Haggard Park.

When are classes? 
The Circuit Fitness Classes will take place at 9am on Saturdays in April, starting April 4th, 2020. Classes will last about an hour.

Do I need to bring anything?
We suggest bringing water and a towel, and wearing comfortable workout attire.

What about any age restrictions? 
We ask that you be at least 13 years old. Those under the age of 18 must have their legal parent/guardian present during class.

What does it cost? 
Individual sessions are $10 per person, but if you sign up for three sessions you'll get the fourth one free! To receive this discount, you must register for four sessions at a time. Payment for one session is not transferable to another session.

How many people will be in each class? 
We have a minimum of 5 participants for this class to take place, so make sure to get a friend to sign up! There's also a maximum of 30 participants per session to ensure the instructor can provide proper attention to each participant.

Will you offer additional classes than what's listed? 
We hope to, yes! The more the merrier so invite a friend to register too. Check back for additional sessions.

Meet Your Instructor

Josh (left) with a client he trained for a 5k.

Josh Cronic is a personal trainer who works at Athens Personal Fitness and holds his personal trainer certification from AFAA, the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. Josh enjoys working with a broad age range of individuals and believes fitness is a great way to bring community members together. Come sweat it out with Josh!