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Home Sports Challenge


Each week, teams can learn rules, practice drills, and master skills in a different sport.

Soccer: May 3 - May 9
Basketball: May 10 - May 16
Baseball: May 17 - May 23
Volleyball: May 24 - May 30

Softball: May 31 - June 6
Football: June 7 - June 13
All Stars: June 14 - June 20

We understand that not all families have the equipment needed to play each sport. Alternative options will be included for each sport as they are posted that can be used to complete the missions of the program.

Each week, the specific sport missions will be available for submission daily starting Sunday at 8:00AM until Saturday at 11:59PM.  Once a new week has started, you will not be able to access previous week entries.  Families can participate in certain weeks individually or the entire 7-week program to gain as many points as possible. 


To participate in the program, please follow the following steps:
1) Click here to register your team.  Teams can also register anytime after the launch date to participate in the program.

2) Each week a new set of missions will be released (see the links to the right).  To complete each mission you must submit a photo/video to us via the Facebook event page.  When you submit your photos/videos, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU HASHTAG THE FOLLOWING: YOUR TEAM NAME, THE ACTIVITY HASHTAG, AND #MCRDHSC so we can assign points correctly.  Mission entries will ONLY be accepted on the event Facebook page.  Once a week has ended, those missions will no longer be available to complete.  The below Facebook event links won't work until the first day of the event (see schedule above).

HSC: Week 1 - Soccer
HSC: Week 2 - Basketball
HSC: Week 3 - Baseball
HSC: Week 4 - Volleyball
HSC: Week 5 - Softball
HSC: Week 6 - Football
HSC: Week 7 - All Stars


Prizes will be awarded to those that accomplish a certain amount of points.  Any team that completes all the missions offered in the program will receive MC gear (apparel, water bottles, etc.).  Some prizes will be given out for top teams in specific challenges labeled 'SPECIAL CHALLENGE'.  The more creative, the better!  The winning teams of each challenge will be notified by the coordinator on how to receive their prize.

The final week of the program, All-Star Week, will involve multiple special challenges that will have large and exciting prizes awarded to the winning teams of each challenge.  These prizes will be revealed soon.  In order to win an All-Star challenge, teams must complete all other missions offered before that challenge.

All are welcome to participate, but only Madison County residents will be eligible for prizes.


We want this program to help your children stay positive, active, and having fun during these difficult times.  We understand this is a change to what is typically offered with sports, but we're doing our best to be innovative and still help the community have programs available to them!

For any further questions about the program, please contact Shelley Parham, at