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Week 1: Soccer


During this program, PLEASE ADHERE TO CDC AND GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS GUIDELINES. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay home. Save lives.

Some alternative options for a soccer ball include: kickball, play ball, toilet paper roll, wad of tape, etc. GET CREATIVE if you don't have access to a soccer ball.

For some activities, cones may be needed. If you don't have cones, feel free to use any other type of object in your house that can be used as an obstacle or barrier for the sport.

Make sure your team is registered.

Each week a new set of missions will be released. To complete each mission you must submit a photo/video to us via the event page. When you submit your photos/videos, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU HASHTAG THE FOLLOWING: YOUR TEAM NAME, THE ACTIVITY HASHTAG, AND #MCRDHSC so we can assign points correctly. Once a week has ended, those missions will no longer be available to complete.  Mission entries will ONLY be accepted on the event Facebook page. 

Again, thanks for taking the initiative to stay active and continue staying involved with sports during this time. I will do my best along with MCRD to make this a memorable family program. If you have any questions or needs for the program, please email me at ENJOY the MCRD Home Sports Challenge!


200 Points (#SOCUNIFORM) - Team Uniform Design - We'd like to see how you would design your family team uniform! Use the template attached, print it off, and fill it in how you'd like. Be creative with it. Snap a picture of it and submit it.   

300 Points (#SOCHEALTHYSNACKS) - Healthy Snacks - Staying hydrated and healthy is super important while staying active especially on the soccer field.  Using what you have in your home, take a picture/video showing what you would choose to have be your snacks after playing soccer.

300 Points (#SOCRULES) - Rules - Learn the rules of soccer together as a family. Film yourselves briefly explaining in 15 seconds a part of how to play the game. The more creative, the better! Make it fun! MCRD's soccer league rules can be found at; select youth sports, then soccer and "6u-17u."  

400 Points (#SOCHEADERS) - Headers - Heading a soccer ball is another skill you can practice anywhere. Watch the video link to learn how to head the ball with pro-soccer player, Abby Wambach. For younger team members, practice balancing the ball on your head or doing the first parts of the video. Upload a video showing your skills!  

400 Points (#SOCJUGGLING) - Juggling - Soccer juggling is a ball handling skill that you can practice anywhere! Watch the video in the attached link explaining how to juggle for beginners. For younger team members that want to participate, practice kicking the ball up in the air. Upload a video of you mastering this skill!   

500 Points (#SOCDRILLS) - Drills - Watch this video of some drills your team can do together to practice soccer. Time to get outside! Film your team doing the drill and upload to complete the mission. Be sure to do this in a safe area. If you have any additional or different drills you'd like to do, feel free to do them instead.   

600 Points (#SOCTRICKSHOT) - SPECIAL CHALLENGE: Trick Shot - Think you can creatively do a cool trick shot as a family? Make your own "goal" and see how creative, crazy, and awesome of a shot you can make as a family! You've got 15 seconds to show us what you've got! Use random objects from your house to help out. Watch the attached link for inspiration.   

600 Points (#SOCSTEREOTYPES) - Soccer Stereotypes - Let's have a little fun. Watch the attached video and recreate some of the stereotypes. Show us your funny side!