Briar's Landing

Briar James Newsome, an avid outdoor enthusiast, passed away in 2014 at 15 years old.  To honor his memory, this launch site was developed to provide paddlers a point to enter or leave the water along the trail.  Support from businesses and friends were used to construct steps down the slope from the parking area to the water.  Madison County Recreation Department maintains the facility for the enjoyment of many paddlers and boating enthusiasts.


Briar’s Landing is a canoe and kayak launch site at the bridge over the Broad River at the Madison-Elbert County line.   Space for parking and a stairway to the water provides a safe entry to paddling enthusiasts.  This facility is part of the Broad River Water Trail that runs from the confluence of the Hudson River and Middle Fork Broad River to Bobby Brown State Park on the Elbert County-South Carolina Line.  Paddlers can see a wide range of flora and fauna along the length of this 70 mile water trail.


The small area is used solely for entry and egress from the water.  There are no other facilities.  Camp fires and overnight stays are prohibited.