A 7-week disc golf league with weekly payouts, ace fund, and an overall points system to determine league champions.  We welcome all who are interested in disc golf, whether you're new to the sport and looking to meet other disc golfers or if you're a seasoned disc golf pro looking for competition between tournaments. 

Format is random-draw doubles playing best disc on each shot.  Both teammates tee off on every hole, choose the best lie, and then both teammates throw from that lie.  This process repeats until the team finishes the hole.

Don't sweat it if you're not paired with your friend!  Once teammates are randomly drawn, teams may choose the other team to play their round with.  This way, you'll still have the opportunity to play with a friend even if you're not paired together on a team.  Random-draw doubles allows teammates to learn from one another, advance their skillset, and grow the sport by being ambassadors to those who are new. 

Registration Information

Registration will begin at 5:30pm on Fridays.  Participation payments will be accepted at check-in via cash or check ONLY. Those arriving without having pre-registered must complete registration on a personal mobile device prior to participating.  A minimum of five participating individuals are needed each week for league play to occur.  If less than five individuals are registered as of 5:45pm on Friday, then that week's round will be cancelled.  Each week is limited to 72 individuals (36 teams) due to course size.

As always, playing the course is free. The course will remain open to those not participating in league play, but once an individual wishes to take advantage of any aspect of the league (payouts, points, ace fund, etc.), they must be fully registered prior to that week's play beginning.

Play happens rain or shine, unless adverse conditions threaten safety of those participating.  The league coordinator will make the call if league play is suspended.  A delayed start is a possibility.  Refunds will be issued if league play is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.

Fee: $10/week per player
$4.00 - MCRD Retains
$5.00 - Weekly Purse
$1.00 - Ace Fund

2024 Summer League Schedule

All rounds will take place on Fridays.  Check-in will begin at 5:30pm and play will start at 6:00pm.

June 7, 14, 21, & 28

July 12, 19, & 26

Winners for Spring 2024 League

League Point System

In addition to the weekly payouts and your chance to take home the ace pot, the league will use a point system to name the top contenders of the league. The more you participate, the better chance you have at winning points. The more individuals that register each week, the more points there are to win.

All individuals will receive one point for participating in that week’s game plus one point for every team which they beat. Both team members will receive the same amount of points, individually. For example, during a week when there are ten participating individuals, five teams will compete. The team with lowest score will receive one point for participating and four points for each of the teams they scored better than for a total of five points. Both individuals on the winning team will receive five points toward their overall league standing.

Ace Pot 

$1.00 of each registration fee is pooled into an ace fund. If an individual records an ace on their card during league competition they will receive the ace fund amount. If no aces are recorded in a round, the ace fund amount rolls over to the next week until someone records an ace during league play. The ace fund starts at $0.00 at the beginning of the season and returns to $0.00 after it is claimed. If multiple aces are recorded in the same round, the ace fund will be split evenly. If no aces are recorded at the conclusion of the league, the ace fund will be added to the final week’s purse.

Weekly Payout Structure

$5.00 of each registration fee is pooled into a purse to be awarded to the teams with the lowest scores each week. The payout structure pays out approximately 25% - 33% of the participating field and can be found by clicking here. The listed payout amounts are for each doubles team, with team members splitting the payout evenly. In the case of a single-person team (when there’s an odd number of participating individuals in a given week), that individual would earn the entire amount of any winnings that apply to them. The number of places paid out each week is determined by the total number of teams actually participating in a given week, not the number of people who registered. 

Payouts will be processed after the completion of league play each day; payouts will be processed same day via cash.  In the case of a tie that involves a decision for a weekly payout, the tie will be broken by choosing the team with the lowest score on hole 18.  If all teams scored the same on hole 18, then hole 17 will be used. This pattern will continue until a determination is made.  Points and pay out amounts will be awarded according to any post-playoff results.  In the case of a tie that does not involve a payout decision, the tie will stand and each team tied will receive the same amount of points (one point for participating and one point for each team they scored better than). Please stay tuned for ruling on end of season ties.